Cafe Scientists

Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports wouldn’t exist without the dedicated scientists, researchers, and discussion leaders who have given their time to lead our events.


February, 2023: Max Gatyas, The Philosophy of Science: A crash course of method, truth, and meaning in science

January, 2023: Courtney Larson and PJ Torres, Freshwater Community Ecology: Staycationing with invertebrates

October – December 2022: ~ Organizational Break ~ Events set to resume January 2023

September, 2022: Space Trivia 5 – Celebrate the night sky week, co-hosted with Starry Skies North IDA and Amity Coffee

July, 2022: The Sub Superior Festival Organizers from The Embassy (Duluth), Subscussion | Sub Superior Tech & Subvisions Livestream

June, 2022: Janelle Turner-Miller and Stacie Renne of Warrior Printress Letterpress and Design, Letterpress: Survival in a digital world

May, 2022: Lynn Goerdt, The Audacity to Flourish: Messages from our mental health crisis

April, 2022: Bjorn Bergman, Making data-driven seed choices for gardeners and farmers

March, 2022 (Apr 7th): Rosayln Putland, What do fishes hear underwater? A song of ice and vessels | Science lunch

February, 2022 (Mar 3rd): Twin Ports Science Celebration, Social, and Trivia, led by Nate Pollesch and Kleighton Smoniewski of Cafe Sci Twin Ports

January, 2022 (Feb 3rd): Arshia Khan, Humanoid Robots: Augmenting care in nursing homes

December, 2021 (Jan 6th): Astro Bob King, A Journey to Antarctic Skies

November, 2021 (Dec 2nd): Kris Eilers, Celebrating the St Louis River

October, 2021: Alex Cavallin, From Death to Disposition (Cafe ScientifEEK! Twin Ports)

September, 2021: Space Trivia – Episode 4 – Celebrate the Night Sky Week, Co-hosted with Starry Skies North IDA and Amity Coffee

August, 2021: Lisa DeGuire, Who Pooped in the water? Using Science to Monitor and Protect Recreational Waterways

July, 2021: Tom Hollenhorst, Great Lakes Monitoring – The Next Generation (Robots, Sensors, Satellites, and You!)

June, 2021: Erin Burkett, What Women Who Fish Can Teach Us About Gender and Outdoor Recreation (Link to recording)

May, 2021: Shelby Scott, Handguns and Hotspots: Quantitatively Modeling Gun Crime (Link to recording)

April, 2021: Gerald Ankley, PFAS: A Novel Class of Environmental Contaminants

March, 2021: Brenna Doheny, Climate Change and Health in Minnesota: From (A)ir quality to (Z)ero-emission vehicles (Link to recording)

Feb, 2021: Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports 4th Anniversary: MUG TRIVIA!

January, 2021 (Feb 4th): Emily Gaarder and Ted Lewis from The Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking: What is Restorative Justice? (Link to recording)

December, 2020: Picture a Scientist, Virtual Screening and Panel discussion – Sponsored by and Co-hosted with Northwoods Women in Science

November, 2020: Dustin Haines, River Talks Series – Should I stay or should I go? The Clash of Wetlands with Lake Levels, Invasives and Humans (Link to recording)

October, 2020: Dan Villeneuve, Cafe ScientifiEEK 2 – So many fascinating ways to die: The morbid curiosities of toxicology (Link to recording)

September, 2020: Space Trivia – Episode 3, with Starry Skies Lake Superior (Link to recording)

July, 2020: Dan Crist, Data science: The good, the bad, the ugly (Link to recording)

June, 2020: Sue Leaf, Author Event: Sue Leaf Presents Minnesota’s Geologist

April, 2020: Richard Buckalew, Basics of Epidemic Modeling (Infographic) (Link to recording)

March, 2020: Guido Wallraven, Climate Smart Duluth

February, 2020: 3rd Annual Science Social and Trivia

Dec, 2019: Karl Wagner, Solar Energy: Past and Present

Nov, 2019: Randy Hanson, Regenerative Agriculture & Restorative Food Systems

Oct, 2019: Cafe ScientifEEK – Science + Music Halloween MASH

Sept, 2019: Karin Kraemer, Color and Clay

August, 2019: Amanda Grusz, Discovering Biodiversity with BIG data

July, 2019: Doug Jensen, Aquatic Invasive Species

June, 2019: Gene Kremer, Funga!

May, 2019: Claire Lande, Bees!

April, 2019: Vicki KurkerThe World Climate Simulation

March, 2019: Julie EttersonAdaptation in the Anthropocene, the resurrection is near!

February, 2019: 2nd Annual Science Social and Trivia

January, 2019: J. Neil HendersonWhere medicine meets culture

November, 2018: Samuel StewartHow a lonely mathematician models really dense crowds

October, 2018: John Dahl, Freaky Biology and Zombies, Naturally

September (Oct 2nd), 2018: Adam SwansonSharing Science Through Art

August, 2018: Melissa Maurer-Jones and Tayler HebnerThe Fate of Plastics in the Environment + The Role of Mentorship in Science

July, 2018: Gerald ShepardTaxonomy: The ‘caddis’ in the coal mine, invasive ID, and the importance of knowing our aquatic neighbors 

June, 2018: LSRI Scientists – Heidi Saillard and Kelsey PrihodaLake Superior’s Beaches

May, 2018: Richard Buckalew and Eric ErdmannThe Gerry-Mander, Voting Methods, and Mathematics

April, 2018: George Hudak, Minnesota’s Potential Mineral Future and Opportunities

March, 2018: Katie Williams, The Social Side of Science

February, 2018: First Annual – Science Social and Team Trivia

January, 2018: Carol Christenson, Forecasting Winds and Waves of Lake Superior

December, 2017: Eric Norland, From Ancient Religion to Modern Cosmology

November, 2017: Emily StoneExploring Northwoods Nature through Science and Your Senses

October, 2017: Rachel PortingaHow to Lower an Ecological Footprint

September, 2017: Adam M Frankiewicz, The Art of Scientific Illustration (October 5th, combined discussion and art opening)

August, 2017: Matthew Etterson and Hawk Ridge Bird ObservatoryThe Phenomenon of Bird Migration  

July, 2017: John PastorThe North Woods: Past, Present, and Future

June, 2017: Ryan HueffmeierCitizen Science

May, 2017: Beau Webber, The Future of Genomic Engineering

April, 2017: Dale HoffEnvironmental Science and Imperative of Scientific Communication

March, 2017: Heather Wright-WendelThe Role of Green Infrastructure in Building Resilient Communities

February, 2017 : “Astro” Bob KingThe Future of Humans in Space