Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports is a volunteer-run community organization based in Duluth, MN and serving the Duluth, MN and Superior, WI communities.  Cafe Sci Twin Ports was formed by a small group of individuals who wanted to create greater access to science and the scientists within our community.

  • Science is amazing and terrifying and inspiring –  Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports seeks to provide a venue where anyone with an interest in science can come to learn and discuss a variety of topics with experts guiding the conversation
  • Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports seeks to strengthen the connection between scientists and the communities they serve through open dialogue and sharing of expertise and ideas

If you want to learn more about who we are and we do, feel free to email us at info@cafescitwinports.org or come to one of the events and chat with one of our organization team members.  Speaking of team members, below are pictures and names of the volunteers who have given their time and effort to help make Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports happen.

As you can imagine, we are not the first group of science lovers who wanted to do something like this.  Besides just sounding fancy and being slightly difficult to say Cafe Scientifique represents the efforts of many similar-minded folks around the world!  You can find Cafe Scientifique’s from here to Aukland, all locally run, all doing what they can to share their love of science with the communities they live in.