Our events are held monthly on the last Thursday of every month.  They are traditionally an hour long, with around 20 minutes of presentation followed by 40 minutes of discussion.  After the hour, we let our presenters off the hook and allow the discussion to continue among the participants.

We use our Facebook Page for organizing and sharing information about events.  Please navigate to our Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports Facebook Events page for more information about our events.

Special Event: March 12th, 2020 – Climate-Smart Duluth
Guido Wallraven has been serving as technical director for the German city of Saerbeck’s climate-smart municipality project since 2009. He is in charge of implementing about 150 individual initiatives that promote and implement local climate protection. Wallraven has been working on municipal climate protection issues for over 15 years. Together with local stakeholders, he develops plans for adapting to climate change.

Guido is visiting Duluth as a part of our City’s sustainability and climate change initiative’s. As a part of the visit he’ll be spending time with with Duluth’s new (and first ever) sustainability officer, Mindy Granley, and we at Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports and Amity Coffee are excited to help host a discussion on this important topic while he is in town. Join in on this discussion with Mr. Wallraven on community climate action for Duluth and beyond!

Next Event: March 26th, 2020 – Science Board Games
Board games have always been a fun way to learn concepts. Lately, board games have been booming with science themes abound! We thought it would be fun to get together and play some sciencey board games. However, it wouldn’t be a Cafe Sci event without some learnin’, so we’ve invited local scientists to be our guides to the science the games use. Basically, there are there to call shenanigans (and join in the fun). Come out to Wussow’s Concert Cafe at 6pm to enjoy a night of fun and games…science games.

An archive of event flyers is below:

If you are interested in sharing your science through Cafe Scientifique Twin Ports, send a note to and let us know! We are working on developing a variety of ways in which the scientists in our area can connect with their community.